1602B Concord St.
Framingham, MA 01701

Save the Date for Our 2013 Open Studios- December 7 & 8, noon to 5p

Saxonville Studios: How do you write a clever, definitive description of a diverse group of artists that has been in the Saxonville area of Framingham for a couple of decades? You don't! You look at this website and visit our annual "open studio" event to find out about the people who make up one of the Metrowest's most unique group of artists.

Saxonvillle Studios has been around for the last 20 years and is managed by Rosalie Shane. Please email or call her for studio space information at or 617-283-3500.


  View our work:   
  Cynthia Lincoln Andrews
  Perry Lowell Bent
  Clara Bohrer
  Patience Epstein
  Mary Kostman
  Carol MacGregor
  Emily Myerow
  Emily Rubinfeld
  Rosalie Ripaldi Shane
  Willard Traub

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